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Vanessa Ghorayeb

General Manager


Our Story, our expertise.

If Cindarella has earned a reputation for its expertise and innovation, it is thanks to you – our loyal community of hairdressers and salon owners – who have inspired us over the years. The tradition of French design, on the other hand, has taught us the value of timeless design, respect for true craftsmanship and authenticity, a love of materials, attention to detail. Your passion has sparked our own, encouraging us to continually imagine, design and produce the present and the future of our industry together. We want your salon to be as unique as you – a perfect reflection of the creative professional you are.

A family-run business, Cindarella has been designing and manufacturing salon furniture for you for over 60 years. Our mission is clear: to provide you with salon furniture that embraces style, character and quality. All our products and innovations are inspired by professionals like yourselves who understand beauty is inside and out. This means practical and comfortable work units that bring people together, packed with fresh ideas to give your clients a wonderfully memorable salon experience. No project is too big or too small for Cindarella. We are here to help you create the salon of your dreams – from the initial design to your first cut.


Established in France, Cindarella is a success story that began in 1960 – but we didn’t do it alone

Social manifesto
Reputable, Responsive, Responsible

CINDARELLA Paris, the timeless furniture brand made in France with international appeal.

We may have the French touch, but our ethos is well and truly international! After all, beauty is global and every day we are inspired by you – whether you are in Paris, Dubai, or New York. Our aim is to be your preferred partner and deliver the inspiration, expertise, quality, and originality Cindarella has earned an international reputation for.

We make every effort to shrink our carbon footprint. For instance, we source 90% of our products from suppliers in Europe. We pride ourselves on treating employees, partners, and customers with respect because we are a people company at heart. We carefully select and continually develop our materials as part of our commitment to the environment.

With global retail leading the charge on bringing innovation and a sense of magic to today’s salons, it is important for us to not just keep up with the times but find new ways for you to innovate. Our growth is your growth.

Bespoke services
We understand the value of handcraftsmanship and the benefits of digital machining, which is why you will find both at our factories. Production is semi-industrial, so we have a tighter grip on costs, quality, and turnaround.

Green manifesto

Our engagement
Sustainability is one of the biggest issues of our time. Just take a look at the developments and trends constantly emerging in the beauty sector. To keep up and go above and beyond its practical purpose, the hair salon must embrace tools on the market to create a healthy, responsible, and sustainable work environment. So how do you make the leap from theory to practice? Look no further than Cindarella Paris. We have done all the groundwork to bring you a range of simple practices – from when choosing your furniture to fitting out your salon – to boost your sustainability credentials.

Choice of materials
At Cindarella Paris, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to make our products eco-friendlier and more effective. Rest assured that the materials we use meet our robust safety and technical standards in hairdressing environments. This means they are sustainable, durable and recyclable with a small carbon footprint – we put a great deal of effort into finding sustainable solutions, so you don’t have to.

Fit out solutions
Looking for simple and practical ways to reduce your water and electricity consumption? Create a comfortable, noise-free environment for clients and staff? Integrate plants into your salon? Talk to us. We can help.